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Zack Fair
Zack Fair

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PostSubject: Meh app! Sky leader   Meh app! Sky leader Icon_minitimeFri Apr 10, 2009 7:36 pm

Name:Sepaku Hakura
Meh app! Sky leader Cc-zac11
When Sepaku is happy, he is a cheerfull person and likes to be with other people.He doesn´t likes to be alone, but he loves to be with other people celebrating and enjoying their company when he is happy.Sepaku reaction's too good notices when he is Happy is a totally new person since he will be even more happier and will become a cheerfull person.When around person's Sepaku is nice and likes to be polight if he does something wrong.

When he becomes Angry, Sepaku hates to be challenged even if people are with the joking intention.He will not raise his voice, but if necessary he will engage combat mode or even ignore a person since he is not in mood for talks.During battle, Sepaku reacts even faster to things, since his Anger can be good, because he goes really angry and just wants to kill the person fighting him.

Hostile Situation or Panic:
When Sepaku confrontates a kind of this situation he will react diferent basing on the people beeing made hostages.If it is a friend or family member, he will want to go save them no mather if it takes his life, so in this cases, he needs people that will make sure he calms down.If it's a person he doesn´t knows,his mind will start working on a plan so he can help the people.If Sepaku is panicked he will react panicked to people and everything.During a panicked fight, Sepaku will react badly, opening more spaces to be hitted.

Bio:Sepaku is a young kid who lives in Sky Nation.He was born on a rich family, all made of selfish people.As a young kid, his Grandpa though him the basics of Life, and gave him the sword that helped him survive.Sepaku grew up as a lazy boy,he don´t liked to be putted apart by clan, but he didn´t cared since he was living Life on his own way.He grown up in War time, but luckly his family, still feeded him and everything.He went to school, one of the bests, and ws the top-student of the school.He had a great QI and he liked to use the sword.He grew up and decided to join the Militia, but his ambitians grew up as he decided to become Leader of Sky Nation.He worked hard, and killed many but slowly after years, he became the leader.
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Tidus Ceram
Tidus Ceram

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Meh app! Sky leader
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