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 Tidus Ceram

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Tidus Ceram

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PostSubject: Tidus Ceram   Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:01 pm

Name: Tidus Ceram
Personality:Optimystic Care-free Lazy, Deep person when it comes to his friends and family
Bio:A Young Man from the Waves Nation who was born into a Lower class family. Not having much to do he spent most of his time playing the Nations Sport and became famous through the game as he progressed thhrough life,he eventualy quit the game and joined the Milita of His Town and got a sword from a childhood friend that looked of Pure Water with just a handle but stronger then steel,the next day he went on a mission to the Flames Nation and his friend was killed by a monster while they were traveling,after defeating the monster he buried his friend and came across a man native to the flames nation named Daniel Incendium, they talked for a short while before Tidus returned to the Waves Nation to be Congratulated by the Queen Angel Mizu on completing the Mission and was rewarded with a kiss and afterwards he walked to his home to see it Being burned to the ground by Flames Nation Inhabitants who invaded the Wave country and then escaped before Tidus could cut them down. After witnessing his Family and Home Burn he became a quiet and carefree person who didnt pay attention to what anyone would warn or tell him about distancing himself from the world around him.
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Angel Mizu

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PostSubject: Re: Tidus Ceram   Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:23 pm

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Tidus Ceram
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